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About Us

My History

Collecting for 30+ years!
I started working on my personal collection in 2014 and after much success and experience I began taking on customers in 2016/2017.

Improve Your Books!

Increase value by up to THOUSANDS of dollars!

My Track Record

Proven experience!
Consistent results!
I have an extensive regular customer base, and always have time for new customers!

Current Turnaround Times

Turnaround varies based on quantity of books per submission.
*1-10 Books- 8 weeks or less*
*11-25 Books- 8 to 14 weeks*
These are business days, and are estimated, although turnaround is typically on time or ahead of listed time.
(Magazines-Add an additional business week)


Below you will find the rates for the services we provide

Pressing & Cleaning

Modern Comic/Magazine

Dry clean and press for books from 1975 to present up to a value of $400.


Pressing & Cleaning

Vintage Comic/Magazine/Pulp

Dry clean and press for pre-1975 books valued up to $400.


Pressing & Cleaning

High Value Comic/Magazine/Pulp

Dry clean and press for books from any era valued from $401 to $1000


Pressing & Cleaning

Unlimited Value Comic/Magazine/Pulp

Dry clean and pressing for books from any era valued from $1,001-$4,999


Pressing & Cleaning

Unlimited Value Comic/Magazine/Pulp

Dry clean and pressing for books from any era valued from $5,000 and up.

2.75% of Fair Market Value

CGC Grading

Modern Comic - $29.00
Modern Fast Track Comic - $45.00
Vintage Comic - $45.00
Vintage Fast Track Comic - $60.00
High Value Comic - $96.00
Unlimited Value Tier (Under $5,000 FMV) - $160.00
Unlimited Value Tier (Over $5,000 FMV) - 4.50% of Fair Market Value
JSA/CGC Signature Authentication (Per Signature) - $25.00

CGC Magazine Grading

Modern Magazine - $33.00
Vintage Magazine/Pulp - $45.00
High Value Magazine/Pulp - $96.00
Unlimited Value Magazine/Pulp Tier (Under $5,000 FMV) - $160.00
Unlimited Value Magazine/Pulp Tier (Over $5,000 FMV) - 4.50% of Fair Market Value
JSA/CGC Signature Authentication (Per Signature) - $25.00

JSA/CGC Signature Authentication

Signature Authentication ($25 Per Signature)

James Spence Authentication Services. Please Create A Separate Line For Each Book Needing Signature Authentication Along With The Details (Do This Beneath The Regular Grading/Pressing Submission On Your Order Form)




Shipping to and from CGC is included in the cost and is insured by a 3rd party Collectible Insurance Agency. (CANADIAN CUSTOMERS PAY EXACT SHIPPING FROM CGC BACK TO YOU, OR EXACT RETURN COST IF NO CGC GRADING)

Email with any questions or concerns

Other Service

CBCS Services

CBCS Services available at your discretion. Please include your CBCS invoice.

Message me for details


Don't just take my word for it!



Matt is the consummate professional, he has cleaned, pressed and submitted more than 250 books for me. He has gotten outstanding results with raw books as well as more bumps than I can count on previously graded books. In my opinion, you could not hope to find a better professional to handle your cleaning/pressing needs!



Matt is a pro. Not only is he top-shelf when it comes to pressing but you won’t find a better person to deal with. He is way above Jedi level when it comes to his talents



I have nothing but praise for Excelsiorcomix - always a wonderful job - his magic got werewolf by night 32 to 8.5



If I did not press comics, Excelsiorcomix would be who I would choose to work on my valuable books! I’ have seen his work and it is exceptional



Matt was very patient with an overseas customer who was a comic submission rookie. I sent a wide range of comic types (from 1971 Gold Key / Dell ... to 1990s 'Now' comics ... to recent Marvel) and Matt did an excellent job on them all. I am very happy with the whole process and the results, got some great grades. Highly recommended.



excellent communication always very helpful highly recommended



Matt is the BEST. He cares about the books he handles just as much, if not more, than his customers themselves do. That sort of passion, combined with years of knowledge and expertise, sets him above the rest. If you have high dollar books that need extra TLC, this is where they should be going.



extremely nice guy has a lot of knowledge about comics, great prices just dropped off 30 books yesterday